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Savor the best of Greek cold and hot appetizers, a blend of traditional classics and modern twists. Our dishes reflect the rich tapestry of Greek culinary excellence.

Black Kalamata Olives

Taste Greece with our Black Kalamata Olives – rich, fruity, and perfectly authentic. Enjoy them solo or as a flavorful accent to your dishes. A bite-sized essence of the Mediterranean.


Feta Cheese

Indulge in the creamy richness of our Feta Cheese, aged to perfection in barrels in the heart of Greece. A genuine expression of Mediterranean craftsmanship on your plate.



Experience the hearty comfort of Gigantes, Greek giant baked beans simmered to perfection. Each tender bean carries the warmth of Mediterranean spices, offering a satisfying taste of tradition and home-cooked delight.


Horta of the Day

Discover daily freshness with our Horta – a flavorful selection of seasonal Greek greens, celebrating the essence of simplicity and nutrition.


Octopus Toursi

Savor the exquisite flavors of Octopus Toursi, a Greek delicacy featuring marinated octopus. Each tender bite is a zesty journey through the Mediterranean, capturing the essence of seaside indulgence.


Hot Peppers

Spice up your palate with our Hot Peppers, a tantalizing blend of fiery heat, briny capers, and sweet onions. A bold, flavorful symphony that adds the perfect kick to your Mediterranean experience.


Pickled Beets

Elevate your taste buds with our Pickled Beets, a vibrant burst of sweet and tangy goodness. Perfectly pickled for a refreshing and colorful addition to your palate.


Soup of the Day

Choice between our classic Avgolemono, a Greek favorite blending chicken, rice, and lemon, or the hearty Bean Soup, a wholesome mix of beans, vegetables, and aromatic spices. Each bowl is a warm embrace of traditional ingredients, crafted to bring you the authentic taste of Greece.


Fresh Cut Fries

Indulge in the simple perfection of our Fresh Cut Fries – golden, crispy, and made from the finest, hand-cut potatoes. A delicious side that elevates any dish with its irresistible crunch and savory goodness.


Fries with Feta

Satisfy your cravings with our Fries with Feta – a perfect harmony of crispy golden fries topped with creamy, tangy Feta cheese crumbles. A delectable indulgence that adds a Greek twist to the classic comfort of fries.



Ignite your taste buds with our Saganaki – a Greek culinary delight featuring pan-seared Kefalotyri cheese, flambee served sizziling. A savory and indulgent experience that captures the essence of Mediterranean warmth in every bite.


Pantheon Favorite

Garides Saganaki

Dive into the flavorful depths of Garides Saganaki, a Greek sensation starring succulent shrimp cooked to perfection in a rich tomato and feta sauce. A taste of the Mediterranean, brimming with warmth and seafood indulgence.


Scallop Saganaki

Elevate your palate with our Scallop Saganaki, a Greek masterpiece featuring plump scallops bathed in a rich tomato and feta sauce. Each bite is a symphony of sea-kissed flavors, delivering the essence of Mediterranean indulgence.


Scallop Sauteé

Savor the exquisite simplicity of our Scallop Sauteé, a delightful dish showcasing plump scallops expertly seared to perfection. Bursting with natural sweetness and a hint of golden perfection, it's a taste of culinary finesse in every bite.


Calamari (Fried or Grilled)

Whether you prefer a crispy texture or a light, smoky char, our Calamari offers the best of both worlds. Choose between Fried for a golden crunch or Grilled for a succulent and flavorful delight.


Octopus Skaras (Grilled Octopus)

Immerse yourself in the divine simplicity of Octopus Skaras, where tender octopus is grilled to perfection, capturing the essence of smoky flavors from the charcoal. A Greek culinary delight that brings the taste of the Mediterranean seaside to your plate.


Ortykia (Grilled Quails)

Experience the rich, succulent flavor of our Grilled Quails, expertly prepared to perfection. Ortykia is a Greek culinary gem, offering a taste of tender, perfectly grilled quails that embody the essence of traditional Mediterranean grilling.


Grilled Sausage

Savour the robust and savory delight of our Grilled Sausage, expertly cooked to perfection. Bursting with smoky flavors, it's a simple yet satisfying indulgence that captures the essence of Greek grilling.


Pikadiko Loukaniko

Savor the ultimate explosion of flavors with our Pikadiko Loukaniko, grilled to perfection and accompanied by a medley of peppers, mushrooms, onions, and aromatic herbs. A mouthwatering symphony of spicy sausage and vibrant vegetables that elevates your dining experience.



Embark on a culinary journey with our Dolmadakia, delicate grape leaves generously stuffed with seasoned rice, pine nuts, and aromatic herbs. Each bite is a savory celebration of Greek tradition and exquisite Mediterranean flavors.



Experience the perfect marriage of spinach and feta in our Spanakotiropita. Delicate layers of flaky phyllo pastry embrace a filling of sautéed spinach and rich feta, creating a bite-sized delight that captures the essence of Greek comfort food.



Indulge in the simplicity of our Kolokithia (zucchini) and Melitzanes (eggplant), expertly prepared to showcase the natural flavors of these Mediterranean vegetables. Grilled to perfection, they offer a delightful taste of Greece's sun-kissed harvest.


Vlahikes Patates

Savor the rustic charm of our Vlahikes Patates, Greek-style roasted potatoes. Infused with aromatic herbs and drizzled with olive oil, these oven-baked delights are a hearty and flavorful ode to the essence of Mediterranean comfort food.


Grilled Mushrooms

Delight in the earthy goodness of our Grilled Mushrooms, expertly seasoned and cooked to perfection. A simple yet flavorful indulgence that brings the essence of the grill to every savory bite.


Greek Bruscetta

Elevate your taste experience with our Greek Bruschetta, featuring crusty bread topped with a medley of tomatoes, olives, feta cheese, and aromatic herbs. A refreshing twist on the classic, each bite embodies the vibrant and savory flavors of the Mediterranean.


Side Rice

Savour the simplicity of our Side Rice – fluffy, perfectly cooked grains that complement any dish. A versatile and satisfying addition to your Mediterranean culinary experience.


Side Roast Potatoes

Enjoy the hearty goodness of our Side Roast Potatoes – golden and crispy on the outside, tender on the inside. A classic and flavorful accompaniment to elevate your dining experience.


Side Veggies (String Beans)

Experience the freshness of our Side Veggies – vibrant and crisp string beans seasoned to perfection. A wholesome and flavorful addition to complement your meal with a touch of Mediterranean flair.


Side Steamed Carrots

Brighten your plate with our Side of Steamed Carrots – a delightful and healthy accompaniment. Enjoy the natural sweetness and vibrant crunch in every bite, enhancing your dining experience with simplicity and nutrition.


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