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Kids Menu

Embark on a delightful journey for young palates with our Kids Menu. Specially crafted to satisfy little cravings and ignite tiny taste buds, each item is a miniature masterpiece designed for our junior connoisseurs. From playful skewers to flavorful bites, our Kids Menu ensures a culinary experience that combines wholesome goodness with the exciting flavors of the Mediterranean. Explore the joy of dining with options that cater to the unique preferences of our youngest guests, promising a memorable and tasty adventure for every little one.

Little Olympian Soulvaki (Chikcken or Pork)

Introduce your young explorers to the joy of Mediterranean flavors with our Little Olympian Souvlaki. Kids can choose between the playful Chicken Souvlaki or the tasty Pork Souvlaki, each carefully crafted for tiny taste buds. These bite-sized, grilled delights bring the excitement of Greek cuisine to the table, ensuring a delicious and kid-approved dining experience.


Pantheon Kids' Cheesy Pasta

Give your little ones a taste of comfort with our Pantheon Kids' Cheesy Pasta. Al dente noodles coated in a luscious blend of creamy butter and gooey cheese, creating a delicious and kid-friendly dish. A comforting classic from our Young Adventurers' Menu, perfect for satisfying those youthful cravings.


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